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Welcome to
Mighty Mo Massage
A Collective of 
Bodywork Professionals

How do you feel when you sit at the river's edge? At Mighty Mo Massage, the river is our inspiration for how we want to live and help others live. The river exudes power and strength yet always take the path of least resistance on it's journey. Rivers are fluid, beautiful, full of life and life giving. Massage and bodywork have an incredible ability to help us feel more relaxed and fluid, to encourage power without rigidity, to create calm while energizing us, to wash away the old and allow room for the new, to create movement where there was once blockage.  Let us help you find more freedom in your movement.

Our Mission:

To create a beautiful and harmonious work environment for compassionate, skilled, and experienced bodywork practitioners to offer excellent service of alternative healing therapies to the community of Helena and the surrounding area.



To learn more about what is offered currently at Mighty Mo Massage click HERE.  

To Book a Session, please see our Therapist Directory and contact your preferred therapist directly. 

If you would like to be contacted with last minute openings due to cancellation, please fill out the form below to be added to a waitlist.
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685 Barney St, Ste B   Helena, MT   59602

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