About Us

Mighty Mo Massage started as two sisters who, after having experienced life away from their Montana roots, returned  home and began offering their magical massage services to fisherman enjoying the Missouri River in and near Craig, MT. They soon found inspiration to expand their scope to Helena, MT and now both live and thrive in our beautiful capital city. Helena is now the exclusive home of Mighty Mo Massage and the body therapy family here continues to grow. We are dedicated, professional, and uniquely skilled. Learn more about each therapist below.

Sadie Taylor, LMT

Sadie is co-owner and business manager of Mighty Mo Massage.  Her bodywork career has been an incredible  journey of discovery of the human being and human body.  She has taken a hiatus from being a clinician as she  continues to focus on managing and building the business.

  Sadie believes that when we are happier in our bodies, we are happier in life, and kinder to others naturally as a result.   She personally walks that philosophy by receiving regular body therapy treatments, engaging in a daily movement practice, and choosing to see this life through the world of positivity and possibility.

Amber Taylor, LMT, RYT

Amber is co-owner of Mighty Mo Massage and champion of our yoga program.  She utilizes  Swedish deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, sports massage, cupping therapy and Reiki in her treatments. She gives equally amazing full body relaxation and pointed therapy massages. She has a special knack for finding all the "spots", earning her the nickname "Organic Mechanic", leaving her clients deeply changed from her keen attention.  She is also a yoga teacher and practitioner and loves helping people feel more empowered and fluid in their bodies through movement and breathwork.

Lasca Ravenhill, LMT

Lasca’s lengthy and broad spectrum of experience makes her a rare practitioner in the industry, and a vital asset to the Mighty Mo Massage team.  A session with her leaves clients feeling profoundly affected by strong technical skills and knowledge of the human body combined with her ability to engage on a deep, energetic level.  Lasca integrates her keen intuition with her training in massage and craniosacral therapy, T'ai Chi Ch'uan and energy generation, dance, doula work and herbal medicine. With intention and presence she creates sanctuary within the space and time of each session, inviting clients to meet themselves in a safe space, allowing healing to occur.

Liz Samson, LMT

 Liz values compassion, dignity, and gratitude, and has found a way to embody these in her new career as a massage therapist. Liz gained intimate knowledge of the power of massage while recovering from a horse-riding injury.   She believes injury does not define a person or what they are capable of and has a unique ability to invite healing to her clients  with her soft focus and grounded presence.   She is a master of the Swedish technique and utilizes trigger point therapy and myofascial release and cupping therapy in her sessions.  Liz's clients leave her sessions experiencing a deeply calm nervous system and rare sense of nourishment.

Aileen Frize, LMT

Aileen has a passion for helping people and loves having a career that creates smiles. She graduated from the National Holistic Institute in 2011 in massage and continued her education with an additional 450 hours of neuromuscular technique training. She has a intuitive approach that uniquely taps in to what each client needs. She has experience in both spa and medical settings  and most recently assisted clients with injury and surgery rehab, helping them rebound faster and with less pain.  Whether you are looking for specific targeted work or a deeply relaxing massage, Aileen will leave you feeling deeply nourished. 

Kaylee Anne Ryan, LMT

Kaylee brings a wealth of knowledge to her work, with more than twenty years of experience and thousands of clients to her credit. Always willing to embrace new techniques and refine existing

methods, she works diligently to find solutions for her clients’ needs. Kaylee specializes in Swedish deep tissue massage, sports massage, cupping, trigger point therapy, neck work, and Graston/Gua Sha

techniques. Over the years, her greatest satisfaction has come from helping clients overcome injuries, gain greater independence from disabilities, and helping people to achieve their highest possible level of physical potential.

Laura Miller, LMT

Laura’s road to becoming a massage therapist began when she received bodywork while competing as a collegiate swimmer at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Becoming a licensed massage therapist has allowed Laura the opportunity to further her knowledge of the human body and form a passion rooted in therapeutic massage. With her education in Massage Therapy and experience as an athlete, she better understands the specific therapeutic needs athletes have at different stages of their training. Laura utilizes a client centered approach to customize each treatment to help your body restore balance. She is trained in a number of techniques, including Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular, and trigger point work.